Get your grind on
Vipp salt and pepper mill

Get your grind on

There’s nothing ‘Martha Stewart’ about these. If you’re looking for delicate and refined elegance then these are not for you. However, if you want to feel like you are simultaneously cocking a gun, cracking a safe, and operating a piece of powerful machinery every time you blast pepper onto your food then these are for you. The tactile feedback is so immensely satisfying that our seasoning consumption has probably tripled due to our need to grab and crank these every time we enter the kitchen.

I'm a little teapot short and stout...
Menu Norm glass kettle teapot

Steep in Style

The Scandinavians never disappoint when it comes to designing novel tea vessels. The cleverly designed tea-raising apparatus will make brewing a sinch.

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Dine in Style

Park your bum in these iconic chairs by Ray & Charles Eames.

Your dishwasher will feel neglected.
Simple Human Steel Dishrack

Enjoy doing dishes

This is the Rolls Royce of dish-drying racks. Once you’ve used it you will never go back to the standard dollar-store variety wire dishrack. Not only does it make doing dishes fun (sort of) it also looks sexy as hell; you won’t be hiding this thing under your kitchen sink.

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Artisan candles from Luminology are perfect for a cozy night in. Made with soy wax, natural fragrance oils and a unique wooden wick. The porcelain vessels are locally made by artisans in Iowa.

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Eames Coat Rack

The timeless & whimsical Hang-It-All coat rack from Eames.