Vipp salt and pepper mill

Get your grind on

These salt and pepper grinders by VIPP are hands-down the most incredible we’ve ever used. While some might be turned off by their unconventional styling (they don’t quite look like they belong in the kitchen), they’re raw grinding power will convert any naysayers. There’s nothing ‘Martha Stewart’ about these. If you’re looking for delicate and refined elegance then these are not for you. However, if you want to feel like you are simultaneously cocking a gun, cracking a safe, and operating a piece of powerful machinery every time you blast pepper onto your food then these are for you. The tactile feedback is so immensely satisfying that our seasoning consumption has probably tripled due to our need to grab and crank these every time we enter the kitchen. Vipp’s chief designer, Morten Bo Jensen, acknowledges that the “particular focus on the sound experience…highlights the experience of quality every single time it is used.” The use of high quality materials for the body – stainless steel, aluminum and rubber – coupled with a ceramic grinding mechanism ensure that this grinder will stand up to repeated use and function as a reliable tool for years to come. Ours have stood the test of time well and still produce generous bursts of salt and pepper with minimal effort and the same satisfying sound as when they were brand new.