Pyrrha Game of Thrones Silver Talismans

Pyrrha Goes to Westeros

We’ve gotta give props to this little jewelry studio from our hometown of Vancouver that’s been blowing up big time over the past few years. They’ve previously produced talismans for Sons of Anarchy but they’re latest and largest coup is a partnership with HBO’s Game of Thrones. Pyrrha has produced a limited line of talismans and rings (and apparently a massive bracelet which doesn’t appear to be for sale) which feature the sigils and mottos of the Houses Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, and Tyrell.

These are some pretty badass necklaces. Despite our self-proclaimed manliness we’d not hesitate for a moment to rock these around our neck. The Greyjoy piece in particular is a stunning triumph of design…with one caveat. We’re not entirely sold on their selection of typeface for the mottos. The ultra-heavy weight, uppercase sans-serif typeface is just not believably Westerosian, to coin a term. It feels clunky and out of place on the otherwise elegant pieces. For that reason, the shield necklace talismans win from an aesthetic perspective (but we’re not digging the whole dangly chain thing). However, anyone who is a fan of the brand will probably want the signature Pyrhha wax seal talisman for their collection. Bad typography aside, these are awesome and we can’t wait to add a few to our growing collection.

The talismans are priced at $226, while the rings go for $290. The shield necklaces will set you back $396.

You can check out this interview with the company’s owners about the story and process behind the pieces, or if you just want to feast your eyes, check out the pieces in the photos below. You can see the full collection on the Pyrrha website.

pyrrha-game-of-thrones-necklaces-rings-talismans pyrhha-game-of-thrones-talismans-02 pyrrha-game-of-thrones-talismans-01 pyrrha-game-of-thrones-cuff pyrrha-game-of-thrones-house-greyjoy-shield-necklace