Sleek Bike Helmet

SAHN Helmets is a new company by Matt Kelly and Sen-Huy Tan, and is based in Vancouver, BC. Matt has been creating helmets for the skateboarding and water sports markets for over ten years as owner of Predator Designs. Sen is an industrial designer with notable cycling industry experience, and the two cofounders share a vision to provide better cycling helmet alternatives for the discerning buyer.

SAHN Helmets is about riding. Not racing. The SAHN Classic is a helmet for those who may or may not define themselves as cyclists, but have a desire to look better while moving in and around the urban landscape, both on and off the bicycle.

While the company’s initial SAHN Classic line is a new design, it draws inspiration from cofounder Matt Kelly’s similarly styled watersports helmets, namely the Predator Trinity, which gained unexpected attention from avid style conscious riders in the past.  Many requests for the Trinity watersport helmet came in to Predator and the once pioneering urban lifestyle cycling store Jorg&Olif in Vancouver, from cyclists in vibrant urban centres including New York, Toronto, San Francisco, and Portland, looking for something different than the traditional cycling helmet options.  The new SAHN Classic is an improved update to that original shape, with cycling specific features and certification for cycling use.